The Bec Group Services, Inc. is a full- service general contractor providing construction services for the overall planning, coordination, and management of projects from the pre-construction and budgeting phase through to the certificate of occupancy. In addition to managing the entire project’s cost and schedule, BEC handles the day-to-day oversight and management of all subcontractors while also facilitating daily communication between all team members and the end-users.


Within each of our offices, our culture is to promote a team environment throughout each project’s duration, utilizing proactive management techniques to keep all work within the allotted budget and schedule. This team approach and open transparency helps us to develop a grounded trust-based relationship with each of our clients, ultimately allowing us to deliver the highest quality of construction services. BEC utilizes the lastest project management software to document, track and coordinate the entire contruction process In this manner the client is deliveried real time information on the progress work and all issue regarding the construction process and design team.

  • Bid Management

  • Site & Safety Plan

  • Permitting

  • Project Management

  • On-Site Supervision

  • Trade Coordination

  • Cost & Schedule Controls and Reporting

  • Payment Application Preparation

  • Inspections for Certificate of Occupancy

  • Commissioning and Project Close-Out

  • Permitting

  • Site Supervision

  • Insurance Management

  • Scheduling

  • Procurement Safety Program

  • Cost & Schedule Management

  • Change Order Mitigation

  • Design Team Coordination

  • Financial Reporting

  • Drawing Review

  • Close-Out Requirements

Construction Management Service include but are not limited to:

The Bec Group Services Pre-Construction Services include but are not limited to:

  • Due Diligence & pre-purshase investigations.

  • Analysis, soil & enviromental studies.

  • Project Feasibility Assessments

  • Budgeting/Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Value Engineering

  • Sustainability and green construction & design Alternarnatives.

  • Sub-Contractor Due Diligence.

  • Ownership Representation.

  • Consulting.