We are a Florida based General Contractor opereting since 1974, that takes great pride in our work. We provide our clients with high-quality work at a reasonable price coupled with outstanding customer service. The diference between The Bec Group Services and other General Contractors is we are on our clients side looking out for their insterest and preserving their botton line.









The Bec Group, Services, Inc. has been building in Florida since 1974. We have built over 5 million in residential, commercial, and industrial projects for private investors, institutional investors, and government entities. Through the years we have built thousands of multifamily residential units for clients such as The Related Companies and Terremark as well as High-Rise condominiums, office buildings, industrial warehouse projects, and schools for the Dade County School Board.
Our construction expertise spans conventional construction techniques, metal frame, tilt up, and EFIS. We have built in the most adverse conditions of coastal beach front with extensive dewatering requirements and foundations. We have a highly experienced staff of project managers and superintendents to assist in consistently bringing in our projects both on time and under budget. For The Bec Group, Services, Inc. service and quality is paramount.
We pride ourselves on high quality finishes and an excellent safety record for our jobs. The BEC philosophy is to be the client alley and work towards their goals.

We work with our clients from the inception of design by value engineering a project to conform to their needs with turnkey lump sum agreements or fee based construction management services. Please review a partial list of completed and ongoing projects and see why we are an excellent fit for your development needs. For a full list of projects, please contact us and we can deliver it.

Sustainable building is essential in today’s world and The Bec Group Services, Inc is dedicated to providing green solutions for each project we undertake. Our professional team is trained in sustainable best practices, and we aim to deliver the most efficient, high performance buildings possible on each project.

The Bec Group understands both the short and long-term benefits of green building and is highly experienced in constructing projects that integrate sustainable building materials and techniques. We are well-versed in sustainability requirements and work with clients to ensure projects meet the proper specifications.

Reaching a Deal

We are proud to call this great City our home. The Bec Group, Services, INC builds  South Florida’s finest mixed-use developments. 
Our skills and experience are enhanced by a passion for quality and an entrepreneurial spirit. BEC properties are more than structures; they are a union of energy, creativity, forward thinking and collaboration. 

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